Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tintin Movie Trip

We went to see the Tintin movie last night. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. As someone who is usually extremely pedantic about movies changing the storylines of books around, I didn't mind how they rearranged the order of events and plotlines, and thought it still retained the spirit of the books and animated series. 

Our local cinema is beautiful, all the rooms are painted with frescoes and scenes like the paintings from the roof of the sistine chapel for example, and there are glowing lanterns along the entrance to the theatre.

Look, I appear to be floating in the air, you can't see any legs at the bottom of my dress. I must be a ghost!

Violet-grey stone necklace from India Fox. 
White jacket from a second hand store.
Dress from a second hand store. 


My current favourites. Kind of Victorian looking ankle boots I got from a second hand shop.

I also carried this little black velvet bag I wore with this outfit. 


  1. You really look like from a whole different era! Love the ghost dress and the jacket - all the ruffles!!!