Monday, 12 December 2011

Style Inspiration: Evil Queen in Once Upon A Time

I am obsessed with the style of the evil queen in Once Upon A Time the TV series. Not her 'real world' business suits, but her amazing fantasy costumes in the fairytale realm. She loves crimson and black, like me, and her outfits are just insanely beautiful! I REALLY need to learn to sew so I can eventually make stuff like this! Here are a few of her outfits from the most recent episode, my favourites so far! Sorry about the image quality, I took photos of the screen as I watched the episode!

After watching this I am determined to have a proper fantasy/ Victoriana wardrobe! One day. (sigh!)

Insanely beautiful coat! I want this so bad!

Insanely perfect deep Crimson Lake velvet dress with glittery black lace trim and glittery black waist cincher. Truly the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever seen!


  1. that coat... wow! she rocks it

  2. Wow how gorgeous! Loving this)


  3. Heya =) I wanna thank you for you comments, I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to reply to you before now ! It's been a while since you posted them.
    i'm glad you liked my Pokemon looks =) !!!

    xxx Vee

  4. Ahh, how beautiful! Her make-up looks absolutely fantastic ^^

  5. I wouldn't do this every time, but I have outfits that I had not posted. it is faster! ;)

  6. Hey Laura! I JUST LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE WAY YOUR BLOG LOOKS NOW! It's so... you! ahahahha, I'm glad you like my illustrations, my friends say they're awkward, so I'm pretty happy for having someone that likes them or understands the way I do them!
    I use muzy's brushes and the normal paint :)

  7. This is like something Sarah Burton would do...