Friday, 30 December 2011

Steampunk/ Victoriana Outfit Inspiration Part I

I wanted to share some of my outfits over the past year. Victorian literature and style have always been an inspiration to me, and recently I have been fascinated by Steampunk, so I have been putting together outfits based on that inspiration.

I love that I managed to get almost everything for these outfits at charity shops!

Originally published Saturday 22nd October 2011:

"I haven't got a lot of Steampunk stuff yet, but I'm working on it. Izumihiiiflower's post was very inspiring. I've always loved Victoriana/ Romantic stuff, so I think it's a cool style for me to try!"


"Everything thrifted except rings.

I was so excited when I realised this dress looks a lot like the one princess Una wears in Stardust!"

"I love velvet, I love ruffles, and I love blue. What could be better than this jacket?"

"The chain across the front of the jacket actually came with it! Is this the best find ever or what?"

"The ring at the top is a poison ring. It opens up to a little compartment you can put things in. I've wanted one ever since I first heard the story of The Three Musketeers, even though Milady de Winter used it to poison one of my favourite characters. I got it from a hippie shop years ago. I got my boyfriend a matching one."


Top and brooch thrifted. Necklace from Redheart13 on Etsy. The gun is a toy. 

Originally posted Tuesday 25th October 2011:

Everything in this outfit is from charity shops. I've had the boots maybe 11 years, when I got them they were much too big, now they're just about right!

The bracelets are copper pennies. Really cool find.

"I'm actually reading a Steampunk novel at the moment: Liberator by Richard Harland. The first book, World Shaker was very clever and really blew me away!"

Originally posted Monday 28th November, 2011

Black, White and Silver

I love how this skirt flares out when I walk, as if I am walking in an invisible wind.

My kind of Victoriana boots from the second hand shop. One of my favourite pairs of boots. Paired with a long skirt, they really look a lot like Victorian ankle boots;

This bag was my boyfriend's sisters. I always loved it. I love the heraldic clasp.

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