Friday, 30 December 2011

The Simple Art of Compliments

(Originally posted Friday 23rd September 2011 in my other blog, Frustrated Writer Style)

When we see an outfit we like in a magazine, we might buy the magazine, or tear out the page. We save up pictures of models and celebrities and normal people who have beautiful, effortless style. But ask yourself, how often do you compliment someone in normal life? When you see a woman with a coat that you are absolutely drooling over, do you just stare at her until she is out of sight, or do you comment, tell her she looks fabulous? I know which one I like to do.

The thing about complimenting people, is it makes them feel great. I know on days when I haven't been feeling the greatest, when someone tells me they like my dress, it perks me right up. And it makes them happy, too, to see that they've made me happy. It's a reciprocal thing, everyone wins.

In a society where advertising tries to make us feel insecure about our bodies, and tells us we need to buy products to make ourselves perfect, it is nice to know that people do value your style, that you're not just a faceless nobody in the crowd. I love the way so many people react when I compliment them. You can see them become energised, filled with happiness and self love. And in a world where self love really is too rare, this is a beautiful thing.

So when you walk down the street today, and you see a girl in a cool hat, or a guy in a great pair of shoes, that you know you will be desperately searching the internet for as soon as you get home, take the minute to stop and give them a compliment. You may just make someone's day!

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