Thursday, 1 December 2011

Science Fiction Double Feature

Today I was channelling a Science Fiction heroine, probably one who is both a mechanic and a warrior, flying through space on an old broken down ship and fighting evil.

Nerf gun from Kmart
Little jacket thing from second hand shop
Singlet top cut down, it used to be a dress
Pleather shorts from $10 clothing store. I think it might be a surplus store.
Chunky platform boots from second hand shop


  1. I love the skirt - want one myself)


  2. Yes, there is a skirt on the front, I have bought the pant like that!!! I love it, but it was onerous because the brand is "alice and the prates" <3 My christhmas present from there 4 years ago!!

    ahah cool nerf, you can customize it in steampunk version ^^

  3. have you received my comment? Or it did not work?

  4. you do look like a space heroine. post-apocalyptic of course.