Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Recent Outfits

I realised that I haven't posted for a while and I did have some outfits recently I liked, so I thought I'd share them. I've been spending a lot of time catching up on all the books and movies that I didn't get to see during term. And I can't wait 'til Christmas, because it's so nice to have dinner with family and fun to give and get presents!

I love my tree, my boyfriend and I decorated it together.

Everything in these outfits is from second hand shops except the bolo tie with the double gun clasp I am wearing in the picture below, which I got off my boyfriend, and the necklace in the bottom picture.

Western and slight Steampunk inspired outfit. I also just discovered that there is also Cogpunk and Clockpunk, and am excited to check them out, too!

I found this crazy little hat at a second hand shop for a dollar.

This necklace is beautiful and very special to me. It was a present from my wonderful boyfriend early in our relationship. I found the top at an op shop, it seems to be Vintage, maybe home made. I feel very mysterious in it. The brown velvet skirt is actually a dress. I am such a velvet obsessive. It feels so wonderful and makes me feel wonderful.

I've been wearing most of these outfit with my 90s grunge ankle boots, but I've just realised one of them is coming apart a bit which makes me sad. I have to see if they can be fixed.


  1. Lovely outfits, your clothes are very unique and special.


  2. the steampunk one is soooo cute. well all of them are but that in particular!
    i haate when shoes fall apart. take them to a cobbler (i don't know if they even call them that anymore; it sounds so archaic)!

  3. OOOOOHHHH steampunk!! Yay!!!! I LOVE IT!!! why am i writing in all caps? oh right because I LOVVVEEE IT! sorry for being creepish... and i like the hat..