Friday, 9 December 2011

Is Positivity Getting You Down???

Are you having one of those days when everything is going wrong, one of those months, even? Are you in a place where people's positive advice just makes you want to scream? Well, this is what you should do!

  • Bask in the misery! Roll in it!

  • Listen to the most angry and miserable music you can possibly find! You can make a YouTube playlist for these occasions. Metal is fantastic for this!

  • Watch the most angsty movies about teen angst or whatever!

  • Yell all the anger out. It may be good to warn people before you do this.

  • Get a sketch pad or spare paper and draw mad drawings of whatever comes to mind.

  • Write your own bad rock song. (You can always destroy it later.)

  • Watch cat videos (or dog videos, or baby chicken or duck or emu, etc. ) videos on YouTube.

  • Lock yourself in your room, with the lights turned low and do all this, and don't listen to those positive people.

NOTE: Don't worry about me, I'm in a great mood. I have so many great things to read and it's nearly Xmas! But I was really in the mood to be one of those Self Help Guru types today, and I wanted to offer an alternative to the usual self-help stuff!!!



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