Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Day Outfit

I decided to photograph and post tomorrow's outfit today, as I don't think I'll really have time for blogging on Christmas day. Apparently it's still the 23rd in blogland, but it's the 24th here now. I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas/ Yule and thank you all for following me and your kind comments!

Choker: Black velvet ribbon tied around neck.
Necklace: Cameo necklace from costume jewellery shop.
Dress: Shop 55 Vintage

It is an amazing dress, purple velvet and lace, 
and looks so much better in real life than it came out in the pictures! 
Unfortunately the lighting in my house isn't good for photographing velvet.

I'll probably be wearing this with the same earrings and boots again. 


  1. that dress is INCREDIBLE! that is an amazing find!

  2. Your dress is really pretty! ^^ Me, for christmas, I will be miss santa Claus! ahah

    The french for sea urchin is "oursin"! :)

  3. That dress is fabulous! I really really like it)


  4. laura, Laura, LAURA! That dress looks awesome on you!If Wednesday Addams was real, she'd be older and I'm sure she'd steal it! It's soooo amazing :O Also merry christmas, thank you for all the support you gave me, you showed up to be a great friend, not only a follower! Thanks! With lots of love, Rita