Friday, 18 November 2011

The Night Circus Outfit and Victoriana Outfit

Black velvet ribbon around neck from the local craft and sewing shop.

Necklace made by me out of fake leather thonging, cameo pendant, ankh and old keys.

Corset top from garage sale near the Portobello markets, about 4 years ago. Really want to go back to England, and see the rest of Europe!

Black and white dress from fill a bag sale at second hand shop. It's actually several sizes too large but the corset top pulls it in so you would never know!

Cameo earrings from boyfriend's mum :)

Necklace I made.

Ring from Vintage/ second hand shop. One of my favourites at the moment.

Recent outfit. All second hand items. I was really excited when I found the top, it is very Victorian and elegant. I pinned the neck with a fake pearl brooch I had from the op shop.


  1. I love the corset! Gorgeous! And the Victorian top is beautiful! Your style is so magic in a way, like you stepped out of a book...
    Also you inspired my post today) mentioning the movie six degrees of separation - thank you! I`m typing away now!


  2. Love this victorians outfits!!! <3

  3. Oh woww i love that corset! The whole outfit is gorgeous : )


  4. That first outfit is my favorite. You have such wonderful style. I adore that ring, too!