Friday, 18 November 2011

Paint It Black Nail Polish and 80s Australian Bowie

Black and white nails, very carefully and slowly painted just using the nail polish brush. I don't like to advertise brands, but I do think that the brush of the black nailpolish, which was the top coat really helped get the lines nice and straight. It was L'Oreal Resist and Shine Titanium. I got it on sale for $5. The other is $2 chemist nailpolish, LilyWhite by Ultra3. I like the name, and it works as well as most more expensive ones.

I'm not really happy with this picture. With the flash and the lighting, my skin came out looking like plastic. However, let me assure you, my skin is NOT plastic. I just have really terrible lighting for taking pictures in this house.

This is two different hands, also. My thumb did not change sides although it appears to. Sorry about the freaky turn my photography seems to be taking!

Check out this Australian David Bowie music video. You can see the Harbour bridge, so it's clearly in Sydney.

Apparently Bowie had a flat in Elizabeth Bay Sydney from about 1982 til 1992. Yet another reason I was born in the wrong time!


  1. amazing.. we love it

    if u want visit us

    xx k&m

  2. Pretty nails))) I bet it took you ages! xD


  3. I love your nails! Come do mine!

  4. I would have to improve my English, as this could guide you on lol
    google translator help me often!

  5. These look amazing, I am so rubbish at nail art but this is one of my favourites I have seen! I am going to check out your tattoo post now :).


  6. What steady and artistic hands you have! :) Oh, and thank you for your wonderful comment Laura! I try to write not only to "escape" but to let others feel less alone too. It's nice to know that someone as lovely as you are can relate to my predicaments. Thanks for sharing your story and I'm glad you were able to get through those horrible things. <3