Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Free eBooks at Book Depository

Online bookstore, The Book Depository is offering free ebooks to download. A lot are old classic books. Check it out for yourself. If you go to the page, it will have the price the book costs to buy, but down below is a green button that says Download Free eBook PDF.  You can use keywords to narrow your search. It's a great chance to discover some lesser known books for free!

Check it out.


Christmas books:


  1. This is so great! I love finding free ebooks and reading them on my laptop when I can`t fall asleep (so i don`t have to turn on the light to read a normal book).


  2. yeeii ;D i have a document full of free ebooks links, im adding this one to it :)
    thanks darling *


  3. woah! that is so cool! I will tell my sister about this, she loves reading tons of books. Thanks!!

  4. i need to finish reading my stack of paper books so i can get a kindle fire and start downloading.
    re: your comment about the book "elysium - a gathering of souls" (photographer sandra russell clark's new orleans cemetery pictures)...it is a real treasure, highly recommended! i believe amazon has it available.
    -styleODYSSEY :)