Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Freakangels Webcomic and Phryne Fisher Novels!

I've been so busy reading recently, I haven't had time to tell you what I've been reading. Recently I read Freakangels, a free web comic set in post-apocalyptic London by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield and three of the Phryne Fisher novels by Kerry Greenwood.

Freakangels is a webcomic about twelve exceptional children who accidentally caused an apocalpytic event. These children all have unusual powers far beyond that of normal humans. Now 23 years old, most of them live in London, trying to help the people who live there survive, due to the guilt of their past actions. This is definetly an adults comic, the characters bicker and swear and their are a lot of sexual references. The characters can be hard to get to like at first, but they will grow on you. At first I couldn't stand most of them, but the comic is so well written, you get to see the real characters and how they became who they are, and come to understand them and care about what happens in the end.

This web comic has now been finished, which means you can read the whole thing online for free. Of course, if you like it, you can buy it in book form, but I am always impressed with writers who have the generosity to offer you access to their work for free! It's a hard world out there for us writers, you know!

If you want to read it all, begin reading here:

Phryne Fisher is a heroine for modern day women. Living in 1920s Australia, she is an independant and intelligent young female detective. Although she is rich, she doesn't take it for granted, perhaps because of her impoverished past. She does enjoy luxuries like beautiful clothes and baths, handsome lovers and good food, though. I don't want to give away too much, because with this series, you learn a lot more both about her past, and her present life as you go along. The stories can all be read as stand alones, although I would recommend reading the very first novel , Cocaine Blues first of all to introduce her properly. I have read quite a few of the books, and most of them had me totally hooked. It took me two days (reading most of the day) to finish these latest three. The only thing about them is that reading about so many crimes in succession can somewhat erode your faith in humanity.

The three Phryne Fisher novels I read this time were Murder In Montparnasse (which I especially liked for it's mentions of Paris and Phryne's earlier life), The Green Hill Murder and Queen of The Flowers.

Homepage for the Phryne Fisher books:


  1. Thank you - I`m hooked on FreakAngels now! ;P


  2. love it!