Monday, 28 November 2011

Black White and Silver

I never really used to know how to match black and white to make it look good, even when I used to wear black all the time. Now that I seem to be able to do it, I'm kind of addicted. 

I love skirts like this at the moment. Ones that are long but made of light material so they swirl around as I walk!

Rock/ stone pendant from hippie shop a long time ago. It's a violet-grey porous stone, I'm not really sure what it is. Perhaps it's volcanic rock, although I have never seen it in this particular colour.

The white patterned waistcoat and striped skirt are second hand.

My kind of Victoriana boots from the second hand shop. One of my favourite pairs of boots.

Isn't this bag delicious? I got it from my boyfriend's sister, it was originally hers. I'm pretty sure she got it second hand.

I've had this song stuck in my head for days:


  1. Wow! Your tattoos look great! As well as the boots and bag! I'm diggin the overall look <3 P.S.Thanks for leaving a link to a wonderful blog on my life is unfair post. I find it very relevant and sensible. Awesome read. :)

  2. Thank you - now the song is stuck in my head! :D I love the boots and the bag - perfection!


  3. the clash!! love them! and that bag is really pretty too!

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