Monday, 21 November 2011

Awesome Librarians #1 Giles

I am two years into my degree to become a librarian, and thinking about what kind of librarian I want to be. Obviously, I will be a highly enthusiastic librarian, encouraging people to read books, but I would also love to be some kind of cool, unusual librarian. I would love to have horn rimmed glasses and work in a dusty library in a high buttoned Victorian blouse, and lend people books on magic and stories that change their lives.

So, anyway, I decided to profile some awesome librarians...

Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Giles is probably the best known librarian in pop culture. Extremely classic British, with tweed coats, tea and refrerring to computers as dread machines, he is a typified old fashioned librarian. This is one reason I love him so much. The other is that his area of expertise is demonology. Is there anything more awesome than a stuffy English librarian who can advise you on how to kill demons?

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  1. Oh this makes me remember the days of buffy! :) How many years do you have left to study?