Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Steampunk or '80s Pirate'

Another Steampunk inspired outfit today. Although my tutor said it looked 80s pirate. But in my opinion, that's a compliment, anyway. 

Brown glass bead necklace, white frilly shirt, blue velvet waistcoat, penny cuff bracelets and knee high boots all thrifted. I got the boots about 11 years ago, maybe, when they were quite a bit bigger than my feet, and now they are just about the right size. 

The shirt is pretty old, too, maybe 8 years old? When I got it, it didn't have any laces, so I put the maroon ones in, they were from some hair thing I just had lying around. I like the look.

The shorts are fake leather shorts I got for $10 at one of those discount clothing stores. As soon as I saw them I knew I was going to wear them with a frilly shirt.

It's actually meant to be Summer, but it was so cold and windy today it was almost like Winter again, so I was able to wear this without sweltering to death. 

I'm actually reading a Steampunk novel at the moment, Liberator by Richard Harland, it's the sequel to his novel, World Shaker, which I read a while back. I might post a review on my other blog, Roses and Vellum, when I finish it. I can say that the first was really clever and totally blew me away!


  1. wooow! It's successful!! I especially love the short <3

  2. Either steampunk or 80s pirate is a cool look, i love that blue velvet waist coat <3


  3. yes it was a steampunk convention!!! :)
    ahah and I, it is my english that is pretty bad! ^^

    In fact it is my grandma's garden, but i live with my grandmother for my studies, so it's a little my garden too! Yes it is fabulous!!! *_*
    When I was a child, I imagined that i am a sauvage child in the jingle ahah.