Monday, 17 October 2011

The Night Circus Online Game- Book Tie In

I recently posted a link on making stories more interactive through the use of multimedia via He Followed Me Home's blog. I think that in our modern day world, this is something that we as librarians/ readers that want to encourage others to read need to look into.

When I read on He Followed Me Home'sblog that a new book called The Night Circus (which seems like a really interesting book, although I have not really had the chance to read it yet) has a related online game that you can play via Facebook, I knew I had to try it out. I was drawn in by the beautiful black and white imagery, the silhouette images, the tarot cards, the simple beautiful drawings and the lush prose. The game as I have played it so far consists of choosing cards from a deck (you get a new card every 4 minutes). These cards allow you to choose short adventures. However the objects you collect during the game and your characters rank mean that some choices are locked to you.

An example of some of the 'mementoes' you collect.

While this game is a collection of interesting vignettes and beautiful imagery, not much seems to happen. Perhaps it is because I am still at the lowest rank in the game. The ranking system is probably the most frustrating part of the game, because, although I have been playing quite often (isn't procrastination fun?) there are many options still locked to me because I cannot level up in rank unless I can get enough of my friends to join the game, and currently, none of them are interested. But I'm not blaming my friends. It's merely a frustrating element of a lot of these online games that are linked to online social networking.

I'm still interested to read the book and see how it links into the game, and also because it sounds like an interesting story. However, I'm not sure how much longer the game will hold my interest. Maybe just until I have nothing left to try and procrastinate about.

I'm interested to know how  you feel about it. Let me know if you play it!

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