Friday, 21 October 2011


On Thursday the 20th of October I went to Lofty Words, an event with poetry and spoken word, short stories, music, etc. It was really amazing! It wasn't actually in the loft, but in this studio with giant Tetrus blocks, and messages written on the wall in texta and paint. There was even a texta in the toilet stall for writing on the walls! There was also a psychedelic Felix the cat stuck on one of the walls.

There were some really talented writers reading in the open mike section, I was blown away by what they had written, funny, angry, sad, touching, it was a riot of emotions and words! I loved every second of it! I also got to read a couple of my own poems.

We were joined by British poet, Hollie Mcnish, who won a ticket to go anywhere and chose Australia! How flattering! Her poetry was amazing, fast paced, with visceral imagery, and a good dose of humour. I especially loved her poems Willies Are More Dangerous Than Guns and Touch, which questions why in such a highly sexualised world, people are so hesitant to touch each other. Apparently a man did a study of how often friends touch each other while meeting in coffee shops, in some countries, it's hundreds of times, I think in Australia, it was about 30 times, in England it was one time or something. And at the same time, she said, English people were the country that watches the most porn. This poem was inspired by that dichotomy. I got a free CD of some of her spoken poetry, too, so I can't wait to listen to that!

You can find Hollie at

We also had performances from musican Inja, who reminded us what freestyle rap really means with a crazy hilarious improvised rap using items that people held up and words they suggested, including kid's shoes, robots, phones, and an OCCUPY SYDNEY T-shirt. It was amazing how fast he could spin a completely improvised rap from these diverse objects!

You can find Inja at

Afterwards, it was cool just to chill with the other creative people. The night was a blast!

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