Saturday, 22 October 2011

Inspirations: Stevie Nicks, Stardust, Steampunk!

At the moment, my main inspirations seem to start with an S!

I haven't got a lot of steampunk stuff yet, but I'm working on it. Izumihiiiflower's post was very inspiring. I've always loved Victoriana/ romantic stuff, so I think it's a cool style for me to try!


Everything thrifted except rings.

I was so excited when I realised this dress looks a lot like the one princess Una wears in Stardust! The pendant looks kind of like a moonstone, I didn't have a huge blingy one like the one in Stardust. 

I love velvet, I love ruffles, and I love blue, what could be better than this jacket?

The chain across the front of the jacket actually came with it! Is this the best find ever or what?

The ring at the top is a poison ring. It opens up to a little compartment you can put things in. I've wanted one since I first heard the story of The Three Musketeers, even though I hated Milady de Winter. I got it from a hippie shop years ago. I got my boyfriend a matching one.

The other one is some kind of dome ring, made of resin or something like that with a bit of purply sand/ rock inside, and fancy silver detailing. I got this and another one thrifting/ Vintage shopping with my boyfriend's sister a long time ago. They reminded me of The Dark Crystal. They were about $30 each, the most I've ever spent on a ring, but they were so beautiful, I think it was well worth it!


Bracelet: That spiked cuff again. Thrifted. 
Fake gun: Boyfriend's from childhood. It's real cast metal, very cool!

Top: Thrifted.
Brooch: Thrifted. 
Necklace: From Redheart13 on Etsy

Leather belt with metal triangles and cord and bead belt thrifted, as was the skirt. The skirt is cool because it is gold in some lights, purple in others. The bottom of the skirt is also very cool, as you will see below. 

Any advice/ suggestions on style and where to find cheap accessories or DIY please let me know :)


  1. thank youuuuu <3 ohoh you have got steampunk accessories!!! :)

  2. Lovely clothes. There are little necklaces for a dollar at Forever21 that are pretty cute at times. I don't know if that helps? :)
    xx Briee

  3. ahh! I love the ring that you can put things in! really cool.. <3 I would say look at etsy for cheap accessories & DIYs.. that place is endless...!! Also has some good accessories and DIY for good prices ^-^