Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Current Obsession: Anaȉs Nin's Style in Henry and June

I am absolutely in love with all the outfits Anaȉs Nin wears in the movie Henry and June. The actess that plays her, Maria de Madeiros is so cute and piquant I can barely stand it, and everything about her style is so perfect! She has subtle cat eye makeup, burning red lipstick, and amazing velvet dresses and capes! And I really love the orange tapestry type dress she wears near the beginning with what looks like a black lace waistband! I really want to find some little velvet hats now, but of course, I have no idea where to start! I want to get out some of my velvet dresses, but it's much too hot over here! Whyyy!

The little cape/ shawl thing is a beautiful shade of blue with wonderfully painted flowers, and seems to be part of the dress.

I really want this little velvet hat! The faded rose colour is beautiful!

I have to apologise to the actress for this photo, I took it from a terrible angle, her nose is really so cute!

 The hat, the cape, the dress, the earrings...

Delicately drawn cat's eye makeup. 

Hair comb. Seems to be carved of wood. 

I am dying to have a collar like this! I might have to try and make one after all my assignments are over!

 Embroidered dress and jacket.
Velvet cape.


  1. Lovely style obsession, I'd kill for one of those hats!


  2. aww she is really lovely! I like her hair, and her eyes are gorgeous <3