Saturday, 22 October 2011

Amazing Spiral Staircases and Bird nest Hotel

As long as you don't get vertigo, check out these amazing shots of spiral staircases on:

I love this one that looks like it is straight out of Alice In Wonderland or The Matrix.

The spiral is one of the amazing shapes in nature, and was also one of the earliest symbols of religious worship, apparently based on the sight of a comet in ancient times. IT also symbolises the circle of life. Perhaps that's why we love spirals so much. 

And while you're there, check out one of my favourite things ever:

A bird nest hotel!

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  1. The Staircases are constructed of 3-ply glass treads, bonded together with a Dupont SentryGlas Plus ionoplast interlayer [ tech info ]. The treads are tied through titanium hardware to the glass side panels. The treads are surface acid-etched to provide slip and privacy protection.