Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Threepenny Opera

I went to see Bertold Brecht's The Threepenny Opera with a friend. It was absolutely amazing, and you should see it if you can! This is what I wore:

Jacket: Jeanette Bacon Creations Sydney Australia jacket found in op shop. It's a quilted jacket with a big collar, and has a little gold design on it that might have been hand painted on by the last owner.Unusual finds like this are the best! Never pass them up! (As long as the price is decent, of course.)

Brooch: Old fashioned fake pearl brooch from op shop.

Skirt: Gold skirt from op shop. I think it might be handmade. It has these great pleats down one side. It's my favourite item at the moment!

Shoes: Those black ankle boots again.

I'm also wearing a top underneath the jacket, although it's hard to see. It's another op shop one, with swirly purple designs.

My cute little mini backpack. Another great op shop find. I've had this one for years!

I couldn't believe how warm it was out that night, it felt like Spring really was here. Then there were really high winds the next night, ha ha.

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