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Style Idol: Weetzie Bat/ Francesca Lia Block

I love Francesca Lia Block's writing, especially the Weetzie Bat books. I'm still looking around to find more of her books, but the Weetzie Bat ones will always be my favourites. My favourite characters and Weetzie Bat and Witch Baby. They live in Los Angeles and experience magic, wonderful and sometimes scary, and also the usual problems of life. Everyone in the books is uncoventional and totally fabulous and I wish I knew them! I really can't do it justice in this rant, so just read it! (The first five Weetzie Bat books are available in a collection "Dangerous Angels", the latest "Necklace of Kisses" comes on its own.)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Weetzie, but here's hoping a movie will happen soon. (And not be ruined by Hollywood.)

So instead here is a list of  pretty much every outfit in the Weetzie Bat books and a few from other books as well, that I made one day last year when I was bored and looking for inspiration.

Don't read it if you think knowing all the outfits will ruin the story for you...

All Weetzie's Outfits, and some other people's too:

Awesome clothes in Psyche in A Dress by Francesca Lia Block (from excerpt on Amazon)

A black satin trimmed smoking jacket and trousers
A white satin trimmed smoking jacket and matching satin skirt
Gold pleated chiffon Grecian gown
A golden sweater covered with gemstones
A white silk wrap dress covered with giant red peonies
A pink suit with a short jacket and skirt
Shift dresses in white, black, red, sapphire, emerald and tangerine silk or satin, some with large bows in back
Piles of cashmere sweaters in lipstick colours, some with silk flowers from obis appliquéd on them
And many, many shoes

A black suit
A pair of jeans
A red silk blouse

Black leather riding boots
Black lizard pumps
Strappy golden sandals
Ruby red flats
Emerald green satin dancing shoes with ankle straps

Weetzie and her outfits-

‘A skinny girl with a bleach blonde flat top’
Pink harlequin sunglasses
Strawberry lipstick
Earrings dangling charms
Sugar frosted eye shadow
Levi’s with white suede fringe sewn down the legs and a feathered Indian headdress
Old fifties taffeta dresses covered with poetry written in glitter
Dresses made of kid’s sheets printed with pink piglets or Disney characters
Feathered headdress, moccasins and a pink fringed mini dress

Cropped, zippered, pale orange pants, silver studded black belt, high heeled ankle strap sandals, black silk and lace camisole, white satin trench, pink Hello Kitty watch, oversized pink rimless sunglasses with her name written on the lens with rhinestones

A lime green, pink and orange kimono print bikini she had made herself
Men’s extra small white tank tops from the surplus store
New-fallen-snowy-white Levi 501 jeans
Men’s black silk gabardine trousers from the Salvation Army, tailored to fit
A pair of orange suede old-school trainers with white stripes
Orange leather, silver studded slides (shoes)
Some bikini underwear and bras in black, white, pink, lime green and orange
A pink-and-green Pucci tunic from her best friend Dirk’s Grandma Fifi

Small white suitcase covered with pink roses and fastened with gold hardware.

Jasmine and gardenia perfume
Pink lipstick
Pink lipgloss

Red satin minidress worn with rhinestone chandelier earrings that brushed her shoulders
Sundress made out of kid’s sheets printed with piglets
Pink velour minidress
Levi’s with intricate layers of colourful suede fringe sewn down the legs
Black steel toed engineer boots she wore with fifties taffeta prom dresses
Pink and black Chanel suit named “Coco”, inherited from Grandma Fifi. She liked to wear the jacket with jeans or over a pink silk slip, the skirt with a black camisole, bare legs and stilettos

Weetzie’s prom dress-

Aqua blue satin taffeta dress that she had found at a vintage shop and shortened to the top of her thighs by removing two tiers of ruffles
Devilishly pointed paler aqua blue satin pumps
Tiny white fishnet gloves
Aqua-blue-rhinestone-studded cat collar
White-tea-rose-and-lily-of-the-valley corsage

Zippered leather jacket the colour of cotton candy
Sleeveless sweater covered with opalescent sequins
Cream lace miniskirt, reminiscent of Marilyn
Leopard-print silk slip

More cool clothes and stuff from Necklace of Kisses (a Weetzie bat book)

“Think like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelley- elegant and intelligent but with a punk edge, of course.”

White satin trench over underwear, belted with studded punk belt
Rhinestone flowers on toenails, and later, fingernails

Heaven- short red silk kimono

Ping- short jet black hair tipped with fuchsia and lavender
Oversized purple sunglasses
White minidress
White wood platform sandals
Oversized white wristwatch
Lavender handbag, faux crocodile- filled with “the jumble of tropical-drink-garnish paper parasols, bubble gum wrappers, and exotic shades of lipstick”

Weetzie in the past- torn, delicate dresses and stomping boots
Gold lace coat from Grandma Fifi

Orange pants with zippers
Narrow, white brocade suit with big buttons on the jacket, rhinestone-studded sandals and gardenias in her hair.

Green turtleneck, blue corduroy pants
With frilly pink dresses and pale blue suits with Peter Pan collars with combat boots and black stilettos
Miniskirts, tights, purple suede platform shoes
Purple suede gillies
Chiffon peasant dresses covered with roses
Sweater sets encrusted with jewels
T-shirts adorned with rhinestones
Levi’s jacket covered with appliqués of butterflies
Pink wraparound skirt and voile blouse with fairies on it
T-shirts with laces up the front, adored with tiny silk roses and dyed pastel colours
Levi 501 jeans
Holey jeans
Torn -shirts
Engineer boots with steel toes
Small black leather motorcycle jacket
Pleated red plaid miniskirt
Old silk dresses
Rhinestone jewellery
Beaded sweaters
Pointed pumps
Ripped up boy’s t-shirts adorned with safety pins
Hair cut off and bleached platinum
Fifties clothes never worn before
“Depression wear”
Electric blue “creepers” with big black rubber soles
Pink leather motorcycle jacket
Cut up old kimonos and piano shawls made into jackets “new bohemian”

Dirk and Weetzie- sunglasses and leather, jewels and skeletons, rosaries and fur and silver

Brandy Lynn- gold mules with fake fruit over the toes

Weetzie- fingernails with Egyptian decals, Nefertiti decals

Grandma Fifi’s dresses- a black dress with huge silk roses sewn on it
A cream chiffon dress embroidered with gold sequins
A gold lamé and lace coat
Tight red taffeta dress

Ping- black hair tipped in orange and red like a bouquet or bird of paradise

Weetzie in the movie- Levi’s, cowboy boots and turquoise

Weetzie- jacket made out of peach and rose and gold silk antique kimonos
Short pink evening gown, pink harlequin sunglasses and white feathered headdress

Ping- coral lipstick?

Cherokee- turquoise and silver beads
Hair in braids
Feathers and turquoise breads in hair
White suede fringed minidress
White suede moccasins

Young Fifi on the night she meets her husband- gold brocade coat, peach roses in her hair

Gazelle- long dress of creamy satin covered with satin roses and beads that shone like crystals under rushing water, raindrops in the moonlight. Veil over her face.

Imaginary owner of the dress- a fairy woman with dark skin and pale eyes like his, jewels in her ears and nose and on her fingers, chunks of rubies, emeralds and sapphires like her eyes.

Baby Fifi dancing costume- garland of silk blossoms and tiny pink net wings

Fifi- tulle and silk dancing costumes
The highest heels she could find

Band in the subway- white t-shirts, torn jeans, steel-toed boots and strands of beads and amulets- peace signs, ankhs, crystals, scarabs.

Dirk’s mum- “Just Silver”.- “short hair like a boy’s, almond shaped eyes and breasts that were the shape of one of those stiff padded bras, even though she wasn’t wearing one. She was wearing a black dress and black fishnet stockings. Long eyelashes. Smoky voice. Dream plant smoke voice. She was more beautiful than any girl in a magazine, she the boyish goddess. She was Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy and Bowie and like his father she was James Dean too. She did a slow rhythmic dance, hands over her head, torso moving with sinuous snaky charm. She smelled like incense and patchouli and orange blossoms. Also Nag Champa and marijuana. Big silver hoops in her ears."

Francesca Lia Block's site

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