Sunday, 18 September 2011

Style Idol: Norma Desmond

                                                      (picture: mociphotos, photobucket)

Elaine Paige's amazing Norma Desmond outfit from Sunset Boulevard reminded me how much I love Norma Desmond and her amazing style! She is a crazy one time star, closeted away in her house, dreaming of her past glory days, and she is completely fabulous! I saw the original movie and I was absolutely entranced by her. I love the songs from the Andrew Llyod Webber musical, too.

Norma Desmond wears elaborate robes and turbans, and often fabulous old fashioned sunglasses, too. I've managed to find some photos of her on the internet, and I'm not sure about the rights for any of these, so if I've used your picture, please don't get mad, just ask nicely, and I'll take it down. Also I found all these pictures through Google search, so don't actually go into any sites without checking they're safe first. I can't guarantee no pop ups or anything.


(picture: The article is about turban style a la Norma Desmond, if you are interested.)

I absolutely adore this outfit! Look at all the bracelets, and the leopard print collar and matching scarf! And the cigarette holder ring! (I don't smoke, but I still want one!)


This dress is an amazing Sunset Boulevard inspired design by a designer called Scott Tallenger. Apparently some of the pictures move. Couldn't you just die?


(picture: uploaded on photobucket by lilcuteactor89. There are loads of pictures of Norma on photobucket if this inspires you at all.)

(picture: Carmen V. Jones? I think this is Glenn Close on Broadway.)

A wonderful article about Gloria Swanson, the magnetic actress who played the original Norma Desmond

Information about Sunset Boulevard on IMDb, it's a must see!:

And if you can, also see the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. I haven't been able to, yet, just hear the songs, but I really want to see it!

Glenn Close performs With One Look from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical of Sunset Boulevard at Royal Albert Hall. One of my favourite songs ever.

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