Monday, 19 September 2011

RANT: Weekend Magazines

Every newspaper has one, a weekend magazine where we pore over the life stories of celebrities, get recipe advice, and look at fashion we could never afford. It's part of a normal weekend for most of us. But therin lies the rub. Newspapers are written for the everyman and everywoman out there. They don't make an attempt to be posh and above anyone's head. They often don't even make an effort to be accurate and non-tabloid in their reporting. Weekend newspapers, especially, often focus on cute family oriented articles like fun days and animals being born at the zoo and celebrity babies. So then, why the hypocrisy?

Because within the glossy pages of those weekend magazines, we are shown clothing and accessories that are beautiful and we are told we must have. Except so many of those objects are far above the price range of the normal man and woman. In a time when so many of us are still reeling from the financial crisis, magazines are still trying to sell us dresses and jewellery and fancy little coffee tables that cost up to thousands of dollars. They are telling us they are must haves, that the ordinary man and woman must scrimp and save and use hard earned money to buy these things. Everyone else will. I will admit, a lot of designer items are beautiful, and so much more beautiful than your every day t-shirt or piece of kit furniture. But when it is not really something we can afford, is advertising it in this way fair?

Sure, if you buy a magazine like “Shop Til You Drop” (the title says it all), you can expect to be bombarded with images of things that you desire, and probably can't afford, but in a magazine which is just meant to be idle entertainment on the weekend, as we put our feet up and relax from the weekly grind, is this really fair. When your heart is aching over some beautiful designer piece you would have to save all year to afford, are you really having a “Good Weekend”?

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