Friday, 16 September 2011

Ghost World

 Comics by Daniel Clowes

I saw the movie Ghost World quite some time ago, and of course, it appealed to me, because of the offbeat quirky characters and the sense of the isolation of being a teenager and being different. I loved Enid at once for her unusual and funky style and her fierce determination to be different and be herself, despite what others want. I've been meaning to find the original comics, but, of course, being a penniless student with little time and less money, I hadn't got around to it. But then I managed to find some of the comics online! Cue geeky comic loving girl shriek!

Anyway, the comics are more episodic to the movie, but I could see how a few of the ones I read were formed together to make a plot for the movie. I enjoyed the dark sense of humour and the nihilistic dead-end nature of the town she lived in. I liked the quirky characters like 'The Satanists', the hack fortune teller, and the other people that lived in their town. I found myself even more in love with this story, although, as with the film, I was left with a sense of melancholy afterwards.

I also read a short three page comic by Daniel Clowes called Ugly Girls that I really loved. It was about the beauty of less traditionally beautiful girls, and I thought it was so true. I love people who are quirky and strange, but not trying to be, they just are. People like Enid, and real life versions of her. I know a few people like that, and you always feel lucky to know them!

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