Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Divine and Insane: The Headpieces of Bubbles and Frown

I've been a fan of designer Bubbles and Frown for quite a while, and I swear, her stuff just gets better and better! It is so surreal, and makes me think of another strange and magical world with mythical creatures that look like women, but are something more!

You can find her work on Facebook

And to buy on Etsy.

These are just a few of her many amazing designs! The pictures are from Facebook. I don'y have any rights to these, so if these are yours and I put them up, please just ask me nicely to take them down. I just want to show how special her work is!

Check out some of her work on Facebook or Etsy!!!


  1. Divine and insane is the perfect way to describe these!! Very whimsical and beautiful. Thanks for the sweet comments! I've followed you back : )

  2. Oh My Gosh!!!! *_________* Yes, insane is the word!!!!