Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Books

Series by Francesca Lia Block

Calling these books a series, while technically correct, is probably also not quite right. The books are not a series in the serial, following along directly from each other way that most books are. Instead, it is possible to read each one separately and enjoy it completely separate to the others, not to mention, while the first story focuses on Weetzie, the later ones focus on her children, and the last on the childhood of her friend Dirk before he met Weetzie. The book Dangerous Angels collects the first five of the Weetzie stories, while the sixth, A Necklace of Kisses, written and set much later, is available on its own.

The first book, Weetzie Bat starts by introducing Weetzie and Dirk, both in high school. When we first meet weetzie she is wearing a pink fringed minidress and an American Indian headdress. She has an amazing flair for out there style, another reason I admire her. They soon do everything together. After a while, Dirk tells her he is gay, and from there we follow their story through meeting their life partners and onwards.

 The stories blend reality and magic seamlessly, so that genies and witches, and ghosts and all sorts of things all seem a natural part of the frenetic brightly coloured world of LA. The characters are unique and intensely loveable, with a penchant for the beautiful and kitsch that I adore. They are creative and make movies, trying to create beauty in the world. They have ups and downs and learn about themselves and others. It is impossible to do the books any justice by talking about them, they really have to be read to be experienced!

Reading these books was a surreal experience and both changed and reinforced everything I felt about finding magic in everyday life. If you want a magical reading experience that may inspire you as it inspired me, make sure you pick up these books!


  1. I love your blog too! I found Weetzie Bat pretty good, but not my favourite. I am enjoying reading your blogs though, thanks for sharing them with me!

  2. Thank you! It's always good to hear if people enjoy my stuff!