Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blogs I Love

Style Rookie

Tavi is the kind of girl I wish I had known when I was her age. She is lively, fun loving, so positive, and wise beyond her years! Did I mention she has her own unique style? And now at fifteen, she has her own online magazine helping other young people cope with school and friendships and relationships, and all the other stuff young people have to deal with. She is amazing!

Her magazine:

Rita Has A Blog

Rita is another young blogger, and I am also stunned at her intelligence and humor. I think she's smarter than me! She has a great attitude to life, and her sense of fun and openness to the experience of life really comes across. Her blog is fairly new, and I can't wait to see what she does with it in the future!

The Girl Never Gets Older

She has cool Vintage style, a gorgeous pet rabbit and her photos all look like a gorgeous window to the past! She also tells you how to do cool hairstyles and how to make a purple crepe.

 Advanced Style

A blog about the style of older ladies who dress in amazing arty outfits that put us young folk to shame! Need I say more? They are truly fabulous!

Gala Darling
Gala Darling is a blogger who believes in what she calls 'Radical Self Love'. She has even written a book on the subject which is available as podcasts.

Why do I love Gala? She is full of great advice and supreme positivity! As soon as I discovered her blog, I was hooked! With advice on everything from outfits, to relationships, and loads of advice on learning to accept and love yourself, she is an absolute goddess! She also has a really inspiring column where people in creative fields talk about how they got there, which is a great inspiration! Every time there is a new post, I get excited, she definitely brightens up my day! (From an older blog of mine. Had to put it in this post because she is so wonderful and constantly inspires me!)


  1. Well... I'm still crying over this! Of course I'm not crying a rotten river.. I'm crying a river full of chocolate, stars and happiness, like Mr. Wonka's !
    I'm still speechless for your kindness! I didn't know someone reads my blog for real, with reader eyes! I'm following both of your blogs and as I'm 14, I've never thought people would love my blog, I'm just a child!
    Once again thanks for all that, I love your blog, your attitude and your face and style RGHHH it's all perfect, I tried to knock my head in a door ,but I figured out I would get hurt with my bobby pins! I'll keep reading it.. you rock! xoxo Rita.. hum... also sorry for my insanity hahaha

  2. Thanks for your comments, you are my first follower! I only just started blogging not long ago and I am excited that someone likes me blogs! You are totally cool!