Friday, 30 September 2011

Brous: Little Ticket

Amazing music video, so inspiring. The music, the surreal video, the outfits! Love it!

Fried Green Tomatoes and Censorship At The Whistlestop Café

Novel by Fannie Flagg and Film of the same title


I think it's likely that more people have seen the movie than read the book. After all, it was made into a movie with Kathy Bates and Mary Louise Parker that is available on DVD for about $10 at most supermarkets, from time to time. But herein lies the problem, because the question is, is the heart of a novel still preserved when censorship determines we hide the full story?

Now in some movies, things are changed a little to please the censors, we all know this, but with this movie, the studio decided to hide a fundamental part of the story. For those who don't know, the story, to begin with at least, is about a wild girl, Idgie, who falls for a town girl, Ruth, one summer. At the end of the summer, Ruth goes back to where she is from and marries her fiancé. He is abusive, and she writes to Idgie to come rescue her. The two start up a café, and care for her child together. While the word lesbian is never mentioned, references clearly point to others realising their relationship, Idgie's mother saying she has a 'crush' on Ruth, and the lecture Idgie's father gives her about taking care of Ruth and the baby that makes it clear he knows she is taking on the role of wife and carer to Ruth.

What is perhaps the most surprising element of this is that everyone in town accepts the two of them living together, and I think most realises they are a couple, and they don't have a problem with this. What they do have a problem with is Idgie and Ruth serving black customers and being friends with the black people of the town. The issues that come up are the realities of race and the depression, and abusive husbands, and the sexuality is just seen as something normal and sweet, which is refreshing. There are never any sex scenes or attempt to sexualise the story, they just love each other, plain and simple.

The movie, on the other hand, completely denies the relationship between the two women, stating time and time again that they are friends only, and even (perhaps accidentally) implying that the old woman is Idgie (although in the book it is clear that she is not) and that she did get married and have a son after Ruth's death. Which is of course, completely untrue, as Idgie never looked at a man in her life. It even ends with the old lady saying that friends are the most important thing in life, hammering in the message, they were just friends.

Mary Louise Parker, who had actually read the book, was frustrated by the decision to hide the lesbian elements of the story, but was determined to take on the role, and, through her honest and understated acting style, convey all the unspoken emotions that her character would be feeling. I think she did a wonderful job, and it really makes me respect her as an actress. I saw the movie when I was a kid, having not yet read the book, I sensed that there was something more between the women, that there was love, but I think you have to be quite observant to pick this. I'm pretty sure that my parents never even picked up on it.

Even after discovering this act of subterfuge, however, I was still unable to hate the movie, because all of the actresses put such passion and love into their roles, and you do feel for them, and also because, as I said, I think that somehow, the love between Idgie and Ruth still shines through, despite the attempts to hide it. However, I think we also have to think about the world we live in and why and how a book about the love between two women could be so censored.

Fried Green Tomatoes on Wikipedia

Women's Studies in Communication article on polysemy in Fried Green Tomatoes

Entertainment Weekly article. I think it's a bit offensive how the director says he 'didn't want to go into the bedroom', the book was never sexually explicit at all, it's as if he's saying he couldn't show the women as lesbians without sexualising the film, which is complete Bull$#!^. Excuse the language, but that kind of attitude is...

These are both links from the wikipedia article, there are lots of other articles out there. I know the ones I found when I originally looked it up a few years ago were different ones, but it's been a long time, and I've forgotten which sites I visited. The book is truly excellent, and you should really read it if you get a chance! Don't worry, it's not a soppy love story, there's racial tension and murder!

Oh, and the book has a collection of old Southern recipes at the back, including those fried green tomatoes. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Divine and Insane: The Headpieces of Bubbles and Frown

I've been a fan of designer Bubbles and Frown for quite a while, and I swear, her stuff just gets better and better! It is so surreal, and makes me think of another strange and magical world with mythical creatures that look like women, but are something more!

You can find her work on Facebook

And to buy on Etsy.

These are just a few of her many amazing designs! The pictures are from Facebook. I don'y have any rights to these, so if these are yours and I put them up, please just ask me nicely to take them down. I just want to show how special her work is!

Check out some of her work on Facebook or Etsy!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Article from

In the article ORACLE Is Stronger Than BATGIRL Will Ever Be, Jill Pantozzi offers a touching and convincing insight into the need for superheroes to represent all kinds of people, including the disabled. After Barbara Gordon was shot in the back by The Joker (in The Killing Joke by Alan Moore, I assume, as I remember this happening when I read it) she became wheelchair bound. However, after this, she learned to fight crime from her wheelchair. I didn't actually know this, and I think this is a wonderful way to show that people can go on fighting, that just because you are disabled doesn't mean you can't fight for what you believe in!

In the article, the author, who suffers from muscular dystrophy tells how inspiring it is to have a superhero who is also stuck in a wheelchair, but is disappointed that apparently Barbara Gordon will no longer be the superhero Oracle.

What does this say about our attitude to things, if, in books and comics, when things get too hard, we just change the story? Maybe this won't happen, and Barbara Gordon will continue as Oracle. I hope so. Even though I have only just heard of the character, I think she sounds inspiring, and I would love for a character like her to continue to exist!

Read the original article, it is wonderfully and honestly written. And maybe take a second to think what we are doing as a society to allow differently abled people to participate in society as easily as the rest of us.

Barbara Gordon on Wikipedia

Barbara Gordon on Wikia

Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Books

Series by Francesca Lia Block

Calling these books a series, while technically correct, is probably also not quite right. The books are not a series in the serial, following along directly from each other way that most books are. Instead, it is possible to read each one separately and enjoy it completely separate to the others, not to mention, while the first story focuses on Weetzie, the later ones focus on her children, and the last on the childhood of her friend Dirk before he met Weetzie. The book Dangerous Angels collects the first five of the Weetzie stories, while the sixth, A Necklace of Kisses, written and set much later, is available on its own.

The first book, Weetzie Bat starts by introducing Weetzie and Dirk, both in high school. When we first meet weetzie she is wearing a pink fringed minidress and an American Indian headdress. She has an amazing flair for out there style, another reason I admire her. They soon do everything together. After a while, Dirk tells her he is gay, and from there we follow their story through meeting their life partners and onwards.

 The stories blend reality and magic seamlessly, so that genies and witches, and ghosts and all sorts of things all seem a natural part of the frenetic brightly coloured world of LA. The characters are unique and intensely loveable, with a penchant for the beautiful and kitsch that I adore. They are creative and make movies, trying to create beauty in the world. They have ups and downs and learn about themselves and others. It is impossible to do the books any justice by talking about them, they really have to be read to be experienced!

Reading these books was a surreal experience and both changed and reinforced everything I felt about finding magic in everyday life. If you want a magical reading experience that may inspire you as it inspired me, make sure you pick up these books!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Book by Ray Bradbury and 1983 Film

Something Wicked This Way Comes is, at it's heart, a book about childhood, about growing up, and about growing old. Will Holloway is a young boy with an old father. While Jim and Will run around having youthful adventures, Will's father Charles dreams of his youth, and reads books about adventures. Jim, on the other hand, dreams of growing up, while Will just doesn't want to be left behind. One autumn, a carnival comes to town, which is strange, because it's not the season for the carnivals. but this isn't just any carnival, this is a different kind of carnival, with dark magic and a sinister motive.

Bradbury's lush and chilling narrative blurs the lines between magic and reality, everything is so tangible and real, and we can easily believe in the magic and dark secrets of this sinister carnival and the enchantingly evil Mr Dark. We too, find ourselves drawn in, wanting to know more, experience more, even though we know the danger involved. It is a book that, like Bradbury's Dandelion Wine, reminds us of the bittersweet magic of childhood. Charles' story is also touching and moving to those terrified of growing old, who can recognise that spark of youth still within us.

There is also a movie (made in 1983), which I believe is quite hard to find these days. I once read that the movie bombed when it came out because it was too scary for children, but not adult enough for adults. That saddened me as it is an amazing movie! There have been changes made for dramatic reasons, but none of them in any way detract from the original feeling of the book. Jason Robards is wonderful as Charles Holloway, and Jonothan Pryce has a wonderful dark maganetism as Mr. Dark, making the air of danger and magic he gives palpable, and explaining why Will is drawn to him by the darkness within us all. But there is also light and strength within us, as Charles Holloway proves.

Both the movie and the book are well worth experiencing. I am not saying that we should just watch things online, but if you can't find the movie anywhere else, look on YouTube. I think it's kind of ok to watch things on YouTube if the companies that own the rights to things refuse to let us actually get hold of the DVDs.

Christian Louboutin Googly Eye Shoes!!!

Omigod! Look! It's like these were made just for me! They would go perfectly with my nails! Why oh why must they be so expensive! I'm kind of cross that he made these, actually, it's like he stole them right out of my mind!  Totally the next logical step after sticking googly eyes to my nails! It is flattering, though, when people think along the same lines as you! Need to find some shoes and a glue gun...

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Banned Books Week


I just found out it's Banned Books Week! Banned Books Week goes from September 24th- October 1st and was created to highlight the problems of banning books. Here is some information from the official page:


To celebrate Banned Books Week, readers are being invited to make a two minute video of themselves reading from a banned or challenged book and put it up on a special YouTube channel.


If you want to check out some of the banned books, there are a couple of lists from the America Library Association (ALA)

Banned and Challenged Classics

Top Challenged Books By Year

To most of us, the idea of someone telling us what we can read and see is ludicrous, but that is exactly why we need to make sure that people cannot do this. No one has the right to decide a book should not be read because they don't agree with the values in the book, or don't think we are mature enough to cope with them! Look at all the books we take for granted being able to read that are on the banned and challenged classics list: The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, The Lord of the Rings! Seriously, The Lord of The Rings!

It doesn't have to be this week, but pick up one of these books and read it, and think about why it was banned and how stupid it was that it was banned! Embrace your literary freedom!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Inspiration: Life Size Dollhouse

Ever wanted to do something magical and surreal? Well, I'm hoping to inspire you if you do, so here is an amazing lifesize dollhouse by artist Heather Benning. I saw this a few years ago in Lula magazine, and, although I couldn't find as beautiful pictures online, it is still amazing...

Pictures from Doornob, an amazing design site. They have all these amazing things on it like houses made of vines and bird nest hotels, and other amazing things!

Make your dreams real!

Note: Not sure who the people are in these pictures. None of them are me. Maybe the last one is the creator? Or just some random person who took a photo in front of it.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Simple Art of Compliments

When we see an outfit we like in a magazine, we might buy the magazine, or tear out the page. We save up pictures of models and celebrities and normal people who have beautiful, effortless style. But ask yourself, how often do you compliment someone in normal life? When you see a woman with a coat that you are absolutely drooling over, do you just stare at her until she is out of sight, or do you comment, tell her she looks fabulous? I know which one I like to do.

The thing about complimenting people, is it makes them feel great. I know on days when I haven't been feeling the greatest, when someone tells me they like my dress, it perks me right up. And it makes them happy, too, to see that they've made me happy. It's a reciprocal thing, everyone wins.

In a society where advertising tries to make us feel insecure about our bodies, and tells us we need to buy products to make ourselves perfect, it is nice to know that people do value your style, that you're not just a faceless nobody in the crowd. I love the way so many people react when I compliment them. You can see them become energised, filled with happiness and self love. And in a world where self love really is too rare, this is a beautiful thing.

So when you walk down the street today, and you see a girl in a cool hat, or a guy in a great pair of shoes, that you know you will be desperately searching the internet for as soon as you get home, take the minute to stop and give them a compliment. You may just make someone's day!

Witches and Bitches: Women in The Scottish Play

I recently went to see Verdi's opera of Macbeth, and it really got me thinking. As you may know, I find the portrayal of witches as evil hags offensive. I think that society has, (and to some point, still does) persecute strong women. Whether or not a woman has magical powers or not is not the question, it is the notion that women should not be able to have any power in society. Women in the past, who embraced their powers of healing to help others were called witches, and murdered. This is historical fact. It is a fact that men didn't want women to be involved in the running of communities. They were just there to have babies, men were the ones meant to be in charge. I could rant about this for ages, if I want, but I'll move on to the particular subject of this discussion.

The women portrayed in Macbeth are strong, powerful women. The witches have power over land and sea and humans. They can see the future, and use it to make people do as they wish. They seemingly manipulate Macbeth into murder, and the near destruction of his own country.

Lady Macbeth is another strong woman. Already a powerful woman, thanks to her husband’s position, she craves more power through him, and it is she that convinces him to do the murder and says that he is not a man if he cannot do it. She sees her own sex as weak, saying that she must be 'unsexed' and become not a woman to do the vile things she has to do. Therefore she is saying that hard decisions and actions are really a man's job, and not a woman's. She is saying that women are weak creatures who cannot do these things. In the end, her actions destroy her, and she commits suicide.

In both these examples, the strong women are seen as evil, and their actions clearly show it, manipulating a seemingly good man into murder, more than once. We are immediately shown that we should fear the witches power, and that they are unnatural, because they have beards, and therefore do not look like a normal woman should. We are taught that we should fear that which is not traditionally seen as female and stick to the role of woman as beautiful and nurturing. We are threatened with what we might become if we do not. 

Lady Macbeth chooses to act like a man, and in doing so, destroys herself. Tortured by the events she creates (as of course, she should be, having led someone to murder) she goes mad, and ends up killing herself. This is her punishment for being so unwomanly.

Of course, this is an era where women and men were not seen as equal, even though there was a queen on the throne, and most people at the time would have been unlikely to question this. But this is a different time, now, when we can analyse these elements, and ask ourself what we want to be teaching people, especially children, about women and witches. Do we want them to fear strong, powerful women, or learn to respect them for all they have achieved?

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks was a tv series in 1999- 2000, starring, Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal and John Francis Daley (from Bones). What was so special about this series was probably the same reason it was axed after only 18 episodes. Freaks and Geeks is a school drama, but instead of having far out plotlines like the usual soapie offerings, it has real heart. It focuses on the outcasts, the freaks and geeks. Lindsay Weir is an A-student who, after her grandmother's death, starts questioning life, and hanging out with the 'burnouts' or 'freaks'. Her younger brother, Sam, is a geek, small and uncool, and has to deal with the usual bullying just for being different.

I'm only up to the 5th episode, but I'm already hooked, and longing for more. This is one of the most honest feeling dramas about being a teen that I've seen in a long time. Characters remind me both of myself, and of people I have known. Some of the characters may seem like the deadbeats others think they are, but we are offered an insight into their characters, that lets us care about them.

Interesting fact: The school which they attend is called William McKinley High, which is also the name given to the school in Glee. I'm guessing this was a reference to Freaks and Geeks.  

DIY: Eye fingernails

So I've been looking at fingernail art recently, and it's really inspired me. There was this awesome image of eyes painted on fingernails on Callur Villade's tumblr, and it made me think I'd like to do something like that. So I did this simpler version, I think it looks pretty cool in the end!

You will need:

Googly eyes (also known as Joggle eyes. These are another $2 bag from my local cheap shop, they're an assortment of sizes, I used the smallest ones. If you only want them for your nails and can just get a bag of small ones, that's great, too. I think I've seen even smaller ones in pictures.)

Black nail polish

White nail polish

A base colour that is not black or white.

Painted Eyes:

Step 1: Paint your nails in any colour except black or white. Colours that are fairly bright and contrast well with the white and black are good. You don't want them to sink in.

Step 2: Make a little white dot on the nail with the white nail polish where you want the eye to be. You can do more than one, if you like. Clusters of eyes look cool!

Step 3: Carefully, with the sharpest edge of the brush, make a dot of black nail polish in the middle of the white one. Do it lightly, don't press too hard. If you do this with a nail art pen instead, it's probably best to wait until the white nail polish dries.

You now have painted eyes on your fingers!

Googly eye nails:

Step 1: Paint your nails in any colour except black or white. Colours that are fairly bright and contrast well with the white and black are good. You don't want them to sink in.

Step 2: Use nail glue to carefully glue the googly eye where you want it on the nail. If you find small enough ones, you might be able to fit a few on.

(These ones don't look quite as good as the first set, 'cause I had to paint them with my left hand, but I still love them!)

With this one, there is always a danger of the googly eyes falling off, so I would do it not too long before you go out and maybe bring nail glue and spare googly eyes with you. If you want a no fuss method, painting them on is definitely easier!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Calur Villade: DIY BELT NECKLACE TINGZ (The creativity of my titl...

Calur Villade: DIY BELT NECKLACE TINGZ (The creativity of my titl...: I want to try a little DIY post for you guys. I have never done a DIY post before but I do tons of DIYs in my spare time and this one is ...


So I went out today and got some materials and made some stuff, but now I'm so tired from aaaaaaall the shopping and making, so I'm too tired to write it all up, so maybe tomorrow, I will put it up!

Instead, let me share this amazing DIY by Paolina of Calur Villade.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Threepenny Opera

I went to see Bertold Brecht's The Threepenny Opera with a friend. It was absolutely amazing, and you should see it if you can! This is what I wore:

Jacket: Jeanette Bacon Creations Sydney Australia jacket found in op shop. It's a quilted jacket with a big collar, and has a little gold design on it that might have been hand painted on by the last owner.Unusual finds like this are the best! Never pass them up! (As long as the price is decent, of course.)

Brooch: Old fashioned fake pearl brooch from op shop.

Skirt: Gold skirt from op shop. I think it might be handmade. It has these great pleats down one side. It's my favourite item at the moment!

Shoes: Those black ankle boots again.

I'm also wearing a top underneath the jacket, although it's hard to see. It's another op shop one, with swirly purple designs.

My cute little mini backpack. Another great op shop find. I've had this one for years!

I couldn't believe how warm it was out that night, it felt like Spring really was here. Then there were really high winds the next night, ha ha.

Monday, 19 September 2011

RANT: Weekend Magazines

Every newspaper has one, a weekend magazine where we pore over the life stories of celebrities, get recipe advice, and look at fashion we could never afford. It's part of a normal weekend for most of us. But therin lies the rub. Newspapers are written for the everyman and everywoman out there. They don't make an attempt to be posh and above anyone's head. They often don't even make an effort to be accurate and non-tabloid in their reporting. Weekend newspapers, especially, often focus on cute family oriented articles like fun days and animals being born at the zoo and celebrity babies. So then, why the hypocrisy?

Because within the glossy pages of those weekend magazines, we are shown clothing and accessories that are beautiful and we are told we must have. Except so many of those objects are far above the price range of the normal man and woman. In a time when so many of us are still reeling from the financial crisis, magazines are still trying to sell us dresses and jewellery and fancy little coffee tables that cost up to thousands of dollars. They are telling us they are must haves, that the ordinary man and woman must scrimp and save and use hard earned money to buy these things. Everyone else will. I will admit, a lot of designer items are beautiful, and so much more beautiful than your every day t-shirt or piece of kit furniture. But when it is not really something we can afford, is advertising it in this way fair?

Sure, if you buy a magazine like “Shop Til You Drop” (the title says it all), you can expect to be bombarded with images of things that you desire, and probably can't afford, but in a magazine which is just meant to be idle entertainment on the weekend, as we put our feet up and relax from the weekly grind, is this really fair. When your heart is aching over some beautiful designer piece you would have to save all year to afford, are you really having a “Good Weekend”?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Style Idol: Weetzie Bat/ Francesca Lia Block

I love Francesca Lia Block's writing, especially the Weetzie Bat books. I'm still looking around to find more of her books, but the Weetzie Bat ones will always be my favourites. My favourite characters and Weetzie Bat and Witch Baby. They live in Los Angeles and experience magic, wonderful and sometimes scary, and also the usual problems of life. Everyone in the books is uncoventional and totally fabulous and I wish I knew them! I really can't do it justice in this rant, so just read it! (The first five Weetzie Bat books are available in a collection "Dangerous Angels", the latest "Necklace of Kisses" comes on its own.)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Weetzie, but here's hoping a movie will happen soon. (And not be ruined by Hollywood.)

So instead here is a list of  pretty much every outfit in the Weetzie Bat books and a few from other books as well, that I made one day last year when I was bored and looking for inspiration.

Don't read it if you think knowing all the outfits will ruin the story for you...

All Weetzie's Outfits, and some other people's too:

Awesome clothes in Psyche in A Dress by Francesca Lia Block (from excerpt on Amazon)

A black satin trimmed smoking jacket and trousers
A white satin trimmed smoking jacket and matching satin skirt
Gold pleated chiffon Grecian gown
A golden sweater covered with gemstones
A white silk wrap dress covered with giant red peonies
A pink suit with a short jacket and skirt
Shift dresses in white, black, red, sapphire, emerald and tangerine silk or satin, some with large bows in back
Piles of cashmere sweaters in lipstick colours, some with silk flowers from obis appliquéd on them
And many, many shoes

A black suit
A pair of jeans
A red silk blouse

Black leather riding boots
Black lizard pumps
Strappy golden sandals
Ruby red flats
Emerald green satin dancing shoes with ankle straps

Weetzie and her outfits-

‘A skinny girl with a bleach blonde flat top’
Pink harlequin sunglasses
Strawberry lipstick
Earrings dangling charms
Sugar frosted eye shadow
Levi’s with white suede fringe sewn down the legs and a feathered Indian headdress
Old fifties taffeta dresses covered with poetry written in glitter
Dresses made of kid’s sheets printed with pink piglets or Disney characters
Feathered headdress, moccasins and a pink fringed mini dress

Cropped, zippered, pale orange pants, silver studded black belt, high heeled ankle strap sandals, black silk and lace camisole, white satin trench, pink Hello Kitty watch, oversized pink rimless sunglasses with her name written on the lens with rhinestones

A lime green, pink and orange kimono print bikini she had made herself
Men’s extra small white tank tops from the surplus store
New-fallen-snowy-white Levi 501 jeans
Men’s black silk gabardine trousers from the Salvation Army, tailored to fit
A pair of orange suede old-school trainers with white stripes
Orange leather, silver studded slides (shoes)
Some bikini underwear and bras in black, white, pink, lime green and orange
A pink-and-green Pucci tunic from her best friend Dirk’s Grandma Fifi

Small white suitcase covered with pink roses and fastened with gold hardware.

Jasmine and gardenia perfume
Pink lipstick
Pink lipgloss

Red satin minidress worn with rhinestone chandelier earrings that brushed her shoulders
Sundress made out of kid’s sheets printed with piglets
Pink velour minidress
Levi’s with intricate layers of colourful suede fringe sewn down the legs
Black steel toed engineer boots she wore with fifties taffeta prom dresses
Pink and black Chanel suit named “Coco”, inherited from Grandma Fifi. She liked to wear the jacket with jeans or over a pink silk slip, the skirt with a black camisole, bare legs and stilettos

Weetzie’s prom dress-

Aqua blue satin taffeta dress that she had found at a vintage shop and shortened to the top of her thighs by removing two tiers of ruffles
Devilishly pointed paler aqua blue satin pumps
Tiny white fishnet gloves
Aqua-blue-rhinestone-studded cat collar
White-tea-rose-and-lily-of-the-valley corsage

Zippered leather jacket the colour of cotton candy
Sleeveless sweater covered with opalescent sequins
Cream lace miniskirt, reminiscent of Marilyn
Leopard-print silk slip

More cool clothes and stuff from Necklace of Kisses (a Weetzie bat book)

“Think like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelley- elegant and intelligent but with a punk edge, of course.”

White satin trench over underwear, belted with studded punk belt
Rhinestone flowers on toenails, and later, fingernails

Heaven- short red silk kimono

Ping- short jet black hair tipped with fuchsia and lavender
Oversized purple sunglasses
White minidress
White wood platform sandals
Oversized white wristwatch
Lavender handbag, faux crocodile- filled with “the jumble of tropical-drink-garnish paper parasols, bubble gum wrappers, and exotic shades of lipstick”

Weetzie in the past- torn, delicate dresses and stomping boots
Gold lace coat from Grandma Fifi

Orange pants with zippers
Narrow, white brocade suit with big buttons on the jacket, rhinestone-studded sandals and gardenias in her hair.

Green turtleneck, blue corduroy pants
With frilly pink dresses and pale blue suits with Peter Pan collars with combat boots and black stilettos
Miniskirts, tights, purple suede platform shoes
Purple suede gillies
Chiffon peasant dresses covered with roses
Sweater sets encrusted with jewels
T-shirts adorned with rhinestones
Levi’s jacket covered with appliqués of butterflies
Pink wraparound skirt and voile blouse with fairies on it
T-shirts with laces up the front, adored with tiny silk roses and dyed pastel colours
Levi 501 jeans
Holey jeans
Torn -shirts
Engineer boots with steel toes
Small black leather motorcycle jacket
Pleated red plaid miniskirt
Old silk dresses
Rhinestone jewellery
Beaded sweaters
Pointed pumps
Ripped up boy’s t-shirts adorned with safety pins
Hair cut off and bleached platinum
Fifties clothes never worn before
“Depression wear”
Electric blue “creepers” with big black rubber soles
Pink leather motorcycle jacket
Cut up old kimonos and piano shawls made into jackets “new bohemian”

Dirk and Weetzie- sunglasses and leather, jewels and skeletons, rosaries and fur and silver

Brandy Lynn- gold mules with fake fruit over the toes

Weetzie- fingernails with Egyptian decals, Nefertiti decals

Grandma Fifi’s dresses- a black dress with huge silk roses sewn on it
A cream chiffon dress embroidered with gold sequins
A gold lamé and lace coat
Tight red taffeta dress

Ping- black hair tipped in orange and red like a bouquet or bird of paradise

Weetzie in the movie- Levi’s, cowboy boots and turquoise

Weetzie- jacket made out of peach and rose and gold silk antique kimonos
Short pink evening gown, pink harlequin sunglasses and white feathered headdress

Ping- coral lipstick?

Cherokee- turquoise and silver beads
Hair in braids
Feathers and turquoise breads in hair
White suede fringed minidress
White suede moccasins

Young Fifi on the night she meets her husband- gold brocade coat, peach roses in her hair

Gazelle- long dress of creamy satin covered with satin roses and beads that shone like crystals under rushing water, raindrops in the moonlight. Veil over her face.

Imaginary owner of the dress- a fairy woman with dark skin and pale eyes like his, jewels in her ears and nose and on her fingers, chunks of rubies, emeralds and sapphires like her eyes.

Baby Fifi dancing costume- garland of silk blossoms and tiny pink net wings

Fifi- tulle and silk dancing costumes
The highest heels she could find

Band in the subway- white t-shirts, torn jeans, steel-toed boots and strands of beads and amulets- peace signs, ankhs, crystals, scarabs.

Dirk’s mum- “Just Silver”.- “short hair like a boy’s, almond shaped eyes and breasts that were the shape of one of those stiff padded bras, even though she wasn’t wearing one. She was wearing a black dress and black fishnet stockings. Long eyelashes. Smoky voice. Dream plant smoke voice. She was more beautiful than any girl in a magazine, she the boyish goddess. She was Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy and Bowie and like his father she was James Dean too. She did a slow rhythmic dance, hands over her head, torso moving with sinuous snaky charm. She smelled like incense and patchouli and orange blossoms. Also Nag Champa and marijuana. Big silver hoops in her ears."

Francesca Lia Block's site

Style Idol: Norma Desmond

                                                      (picture: mociphotos, photobucket)

Elaine Paige's amazing Norma Desmond outfit from Sunset Boulevard reminded me how much I love Norma Desmond and her amazing style! She is a crazy one time star, closeted away in her house, dreaming of her past glory days, and she is completely fabulous! I saw the original movie and I was absolutely entranced by her. I love the songs from the Andrew Llyod Webber musical, too.

Norma Desmond wears elaborate robes and turbans, and often fabulous old fashioned sunglasses, too. I've managed to find some photos of her on the internet, and I'm not sure about the rights for any of these, so if I've used your picture, please don't get mad, just ask nicely, and I'll take it down. Also I found all these pictures through Google search, so don't actually go into any sites without checking they're safe first. I can't guarantee no pop ups or anything.


(picture: The article is about turban style a la Norma Desmond, if you are interested.)

I absolutely adore this outfit! Look at all the bracelets, and the leopard print collar and matching scarf! And the cigarette holder ring! (I don't smoke, but I still want one!)


This dress is an amazing Sunset Boulevard inspired design by a designer called Scott Tallenger. Apparently some of the pictures move. Couldn't you just die?


(picture: uploaded on photobucket by lilcuteactor89. There are loads of pictures of Norma on photobucket if this inspires you at all.)

(picture: Carmen V. Jones? I think this is Glenn Close on Broadway.)

A wonderful article about Gloria Swanson, the magnetic actress who played the original Norma Desmond

Information about Sunset Boulevard on IMDb, it's a must see!:

And if you can, also see the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. I haven't been able to, yet, just hear the songs, but I really want to see it!

Glenn Close performs With One Look from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical of Sunset Boulevard at Royal Albert Hall. One of my favourite songs ever.

Elaine Paige Live At The State Theatre

I love Elaine Paige. Ever since I heard her as Grizabella The Glamour Cat singing her haunting rendition of 'Memory' on my Andrew Lloyd Webber CD, I have thought she was wonderful! Her voice is amazing!

So tonight on TV, they're showing a video of her celebrating her 40 years in Showbiz, performing a catalogue of songs, and it is totally, totally fabulous!

Blogs I Love

Style Rookie

Tavi is the kind of girl I wish I had known when I was her age. She is lively, fun loving, so positive, and wise beyond her years! Did I mention she has her own unique style? And now at fifteen, she has her own online magazine helping other young people cope with school and friendships and relationships, and all the other stuff young people have to deal with. She is amazing!

Her magazine:

Rita Has A Blog

Rita is another young blogger, and I am also stunned at her intelligence and humor. I think she's smarter than me! She has a great attitude to life, and her sense of fun and openness to the experience of life really comes across. Her blog is fairly new, and I can't wait to see what she does with it in the future!

The Girl Never Gets Older

She has cool Vintage style, a gorgeous pet rabbit and her photos all look like a gorgeous window to the past! She also tells you how to do cool hairstyles and how to make a purple crepe.

 Advanced Style

A blog about the style of older ladies who dress in amazing arty outfits that put us young folk to shame! Need I say more? They are truly fabulous!

Gala Darling
Gala Darling is a blogger who believes in what she calls 'Radical Self Love'. She has even written a book on the subject which is available as podcasts.

Why do I love Gala? She is full of great advice and supreme positivity! As soon as I discovered her blog, I was hooked! With advice on everything from outfits, to relationships, and loads of advice on learning to accept and love yourself, she is an absolute goddess! She also has a really inspiring column where people in creative fields talk about how they got there, which is a great inspiration! Every time there is a new post, I get excited, she definitely brightens up my day! (From an older blog of mine. Had to put it in this post because she is so wonderful and constantly inspires me!)

DIY Is Awesome!

So I've been thinking of doing some DIY and looking at some posts and there is so much awesome stuff out there! I love some of the ideas people have, like this:

and this:

I've been thinking of painting some shoes with glitter, because I really love glitter shoes, but they're kind of out of my price range. I haven't found the right pair of shoes or boots to do it with yet, but I did find this tutorial, which is really great, because it shows you how to make glitter shoes where the glitter doesn't fall off!

I'll let you know if I manage to find some shoes to do it with. I'd love to do some DIY and put up tutorials and that sort of thing!

Friday, 16 September 2011

A Few Opshopping Tips

1. Dusty dingy little stores are the best! Everything is usually cheaper and you can find things hidden at the back of racks. There's often vintage pieces there, as for some reason the little ones seem to be the ones where a lot of older people's stuff ends up. There is often a lot of awful stuff there, too, but you can really find gold amongst the junk!

2. Smaller less trendy areas. It's true. If you shop in trendy places where every second person wears Vintage and Op Shop gems, the shops will probably already be shopped out before you get to them. For instance, I shop on the coast most of the time, rather than Sydney.

3. If you are going to a Vintage shop, make sure you know a little about what you're buying!

My favourite vintage store is Shop 55. Wendy is friendly and honest. You can't always trust Vintage Shop people, though. At a Vintage shop whose name I will not name (mostly because I have forgotten it) I was once sold a 'Vintage' jacket for $40. It had no tags. I later saw it in an op shop with the tags still on and it was Kmart brand, not vintage at all. Just make sure you know what you're doing. If you feel unsure, go and do some research and DON'T BUY IT!

4. Bring a friend with a similar style to yours, or who knows (REALLY knows) what you're style is. I have gone Op Shopping with friends before and bought things I later realised didn't suit my style at all. Also don't just listen to the ladies in the Op Shop if they tell you something suits you. I have also made that mistake. They are sweet old ladies, but I really think some of them are a bit blind.


When you look through your closet and see things you don't wear anymore, before you throw them out, think about the fact that you are unlikely to find this item again. I have given many things which may have been the only one of it's kind left to op shops, and later wanted to wear it again and regretted it. If it's that old black and white striped top that there are a million of out there, by all means, throw it out. But if it's a 'it might be vintage' wrap with arty paintings on it, or a dress that belonged to your grandma, or something like that- FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T THROW IT OUT!


What to do :

Pack it away carefully. Or lend it to a friend you know will take absolute perfect care of it and will give it back when you want it. Make sure they know it's just a loan.

Happy Hunting!

Ghost World

 Comics by Daniel Clowes

I saw the movie Ghost World quite some time ago, and of course, it appealed to me, because of the offbeat quirky characters and the sense of the isolation of being a teenager and being different. I loved Enid at once for her unusual and funky style and her fierce determination to be different and be herself, despite what others want. I've been meaning to find the original comics, but, of course, being a penniless student with little time and less money, I hadn't got around to it. But then I managed to find some of the comics online! Cue geeky comic loving girl shriek!

Anyway, the comics are more episodic to the movie, but I could see how a few of the ones I read were formed together to make a plot for the movie. I enjoyed the dark sense of humour and the nihilistic dead-end nature of the town she lived in. I liked the quirky characters like 'The Satanists', the hack fortune teller, and the other people that lived in their town. I found myself even more in love with this story, although, as with the film, I was left with a sense of melancholy afterwards.

I also read a short three page comic by Daniel Clowes called Ugly Girls that I really loved. It was about the beauty of less traditionally beautiful girls, and I thought it was so true. I love people who are quirky and strange, but not trying to be, they just are. People like Enid, and real life versions of her. I know a few people like that, and you always feel lucky to know them!

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous is on TV tonight. I love that film. It has such an offbeat sense of humour, it reminds me a bit of John Waters films like CryBaby. It's set in a small town, and everyone is an odd character, some nice, some horrible, all really eccentric. It sends up pageants in a really funny way, with a crazy pageant mum killing off contestants to make sure her daughter wins.

Starring a cast of now well known actresses, including Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Kirstie Alley, Amy Adams and the late and delightful Brittany Murphy, this remains one of my favourite films. I must have seen it time after time, I used to have it on video and I must have seen it at least twice a year since it came out until I didn't have a video player anymore. I could say the lines with the characters if I wanted. Is that really bad?

I don't want to describe the characters because it wouldn't do them justice. They are crazy people and you really find yourself loving them. As the heroine of the piece, Kirsten Dunst is an upbeat tapdancing dynamo who dreams of being a news presenter like her idol Diane Sawyer, and does makeup in a funeral home as her after school job. Kirstie Alley is brilliant as a pageant mom and judge we all recognise with her saccharine respectability that hides a nasty conniving nature.

Anyway, enough about Drop Dead Gorgeous, I have to go watch it. But if you haven't go see it right now!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Fine Just The Way It Is

 Short story collection by Annie Proulx

Due to university studies, it seems I haven't posted in over a month! Thanks university! Although I have been watching some fascinating films in film studies and talking about cyborgs, so I suppose I can forgive it.

I have been reading Fine Just The Way It Is by Annie Proulx, and I have to tell you, that book is harrowing! It is definitely not a book to read if you aren't feeling happy. After reading most of the short stories in the collection, I have been feeling pretty beaten up, it's like the emotional equivalent of going a round with Muhammad Ali.

First of all, let me say that Annie Proulx is a brilliant writer, and I love her! I don't think her stories could strike at the heart so much if she wasn't so brilliant. I really cherish her love of her land, and I really identify with the passion with which she writes about it's rugged, deadly beauty. Nature is a huge inspiration to me, too. She also has a way of describing characters simply, but really letting us get to know them through their actions and thoughts, so that we care about them.

And then... SPOILER ALERT....

… she kills or hurts them terribly. In all of the stories I have read so far, at least one character dies. I understand that America is a wild place, and that awful freak accidents happen, but it is just too much, one story after another, one death after another.

Actually, in the last story I read, the character didn't die at the end, but she was waiting to die, trapped and dying of hunger and thirst, which is probably worse.

Anyway, if you are a fan of great writing about the way humans and the land interact, and the harshness and danger of nature, definitely give this a go, as long as you can handle the emotional impact. Let me reiterate, it's pretty harrowing. The deaths aren't like one of those silly crime shows where you never really know the person, and it's all about the glitz and glamour of crime investigation life, it's about hard, inescapable reality. This is definitetly a book for adults.