Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Sandman

Graphic novel series written by Neil Gaiman
Various artists

It is impossible to really do justice to this surreal graphic novel series by Neil Gaiman. A collection of stories with characters that touch your heart, and storylines that blow your mind, the books could be said to revolve around the lord of dreams, also know as Morpheus, The Sandman, etc. one of the seven brothers and sisters known as The Endless, that were there at the beginning of things. But it's not really just about him. It's about so many other people, powerful and normal, about their lives, their dreams. It was a series that had me gripped from start to finish, that had me laughing and crying. Anyone who thinks that comics/ graphic novels can never be as good as books has to read this and see how wrong they are!

If you haven't read this yet, go to a library, a bookshop, ask around your friends, find it! If you are anything like me, you will stay up all night reading it! I know I did!

Other amazing reads by Neil Gaiman:

Mirrormask (also a fantastic movie!)
Coraline (also a fantastic movie!)
Murder Mysteries
The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains (free to read online)
Bitter Grounds (free to read online)
How To Talk To Girls At Parties (read free online)

The Sandman:
1.  Preludes and Nocturnes
2. The Doll's House
3. Dream Country
4. Season of Mists
5. A Game of You
6. Fables and Reflections
7. Brief Lives
8. World's End
9. The Kindly Ones
10. The Wake

Sort of stand alone:
Endless Nights
Death: The High Cost of Living
Death: The Time of Your Life

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