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Short Stories and Poetry

"Siren Story Number 8" on Ksenia Anske's blog
It can also be read here

The Exile and The Sparrow Heart published in Perspectives: The University of Sydney Anthology 2013

You can read the original texts where they appeared on my blog. I have edited them a little for the anthology, and might update them soon.

The Exile- A short story from 2011

The Sparrow Heart or A Father's Gift- A short story from 2012

Sticky Honey


The Incredibly Boring Un-Life of Benjamin Barker


The Beast in the Forest 

The Eye That Could See 


Lace and Candy 

Pinned: A Faery Horror Story for Halloween 

Bleeding Hearts Day Challenge- Misunderstood Villain's Support Group: Loki and Maleficent

Rapunzel: A Modern Fairytale

Only Child (A retelling of Snow White) 

The Woman Who Dated Death 

Writer's Dilemma



Depression Poem

Excerpts from The Journal of Narcissa Malfoy (nee Black)


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