Goth and Alternative TV Characters

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Addams Family, The
Adult Wednesday Addams
Alias: two Goth club scenes and one or two other outfits that look fairly Goth
American Dad: Steve’s girlfriend
American Horror Story: seasons Coven and Hotel had Goth vibes. Hotel has a very Goth soundtrack
Big Wolf on Campus: apparently has a Goth character
Blade TV series
Blood Ties: Corinne Fenne, Elvira
Boston Public: Rainey Murphy
Buffy: witch boy, spike girlfriend. Mean girl uni Vamp
Californication: daughter
Carrie Diaries, The: sister is alternative?
Clueless (TV spinoff), Cher’s old friend
Deadly Class
DeGrassi: The Next Generation: Ellie
Glee: Tina
Gossip Girl: Jenny Humphrey develops an Alternative look. She’s played by alternative rocker Taylor Momsen
Growing up Creepie: Creepie Creature
I.T. crowd, The: Richmond
Lenore The Little Dead Girl
Lost girl: Kenzi (one of the best)
Mighty Boosh, The: Goth Girls. Vince and Howard try to dress Goth
Morganville Vampires (mini series based on books): Eve
NCIS: Abby, Abby’s crazy ex
Nowhere Boys:
Parks and Recreation: April is quite alternative but does not dress Goth, her creepy friend is kind of Goth
Portlandia: the Goth couple, parody
Preacher: Guitar girl at church
Ruby Gloom
Scooby Doo: The Hex Girls- a Goth Wiccan band
Slasher: s1, Goths at gallery
Smallville: s2 Todd, Chloe’s contact at the M.E. Office. “Smallville’s only Goth”, mention only, college girl?
Sopranos, The: messed up kid dresses Goth, very insulting representation
South Park: The Goths
Stranger Things: Kali’s gang
Summer in Transylvania: the vampires are Goth, the zombies are emo
Superstition ( Netflix Original): Tilly?
Teen Wolf: Kira Yukimura has a somewhat “TV alternative” style
Thirteen Reasons Why:
Umbrella Academy,  The: Klaus
Whitechapel: s3 Ella Bowe? Season 4 e4: Gavin
Young Dracula

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