Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Month in Review September

Went to Rookwood Cemetery for the Hidden sculpture exhibition with Emily
The Seventh Annual Sydney Gothic Picnic
Met many of my online friends for a cemetery picnic!

Furiously Happy by Jennifer Lawson (The Bloggess)
The Many Lives of Katherine North by Emma Geen

Party of Five
Wynonna Earp (It is AWESOME)
Mona Lisa Smile
Project Runway
The Killing

Listening to
Bat For Lashes
The Cure
Fields of the Nephilim
The Pretty Reckless
Jill Andrews (Wynonna Earp theme song)
Roxy Jules
Gin Wigmore

1 comment:

  1. Laura, missed you! Hope everything is well!
    Your blog looks great!
    That cemetery picnic sounds cool! Great you could meet up with online friends!