Monday, 28 December 2015

Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot

This is a long overdue review! Quite some time back, the lovely Dani sent me this exquisite set of tarot cards that are so suited to my style! They are the Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot!

The images are not mine, I've used online images as they come out better than my photos.
It's taken me ages to get around to doing this post! Quite some time ago the lovely Dani sent me this gorgeous Gothic tarot! My phone camera didn't want to take great photos, so I have grabbed some from online.

The art is beautiful and very classic Romantigoth! I love it!


  1. That's a beautiful deck. I might be tempted to get my own! I have so many already though. Lol

  2. Would be interested to see the meanings of the cards. The tower and the hanged man pictures seem to be cool deviations from the traditional symbology

  3. Gorgeous! I want to get some new cards!

  4. These are stunning! I do love Anne Stokes's art <3

  5. These or very cool. I might add them to my on going tarot wish list.