Sunday, 20 July 2014

Week In Review

This week: Monday 14th- Sunday 20th July
  • My partner's aunt has been over from England so we have had lots of fun family times
  • I have been doing a lot of faery sewing, the result pictures are upcoming
  • I dyed my hair again, see above
  • I have been working on my writing
  • I have been doing well with the vegetarian thing I have been trying for a few weeks. I am also working on cutting more unhealthy foods out of my diet.
  • I made up some cool outfits
  • My elf coat finally arrived!
  • I read lots of Holly Black
  • Finished Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour. Or was that last week? One of my favourite books now!
  • Finished Penny Dreadful! Wow! Amazing series!
  • Had my 2nd #WombatFriday.
  • Rewatched one of my favourite Charmed episodes that was on TV.
  • Finished watching the amazing Pillars of the Earth  with my boyfriend.
  • Discovered some great new blogs
  • Got so many lovely blog comments that I was overwhelmed with gratitude
  • Started trying to learn to crochet flowers 
  • Discovered the music of Hannah Fury
  • Discovered the music of Elvya Dulcimer
  • This post: 
    Gave myself a dead leg by sitting on it. Walking around with my on my shoulder and a dead leg and realise I am now a


  1. Also loved Penny Dreadful and can't wait for the new season!

    Thanks for reminding me of 'Charmed', I have got to watch some again.

  2. I really loved seeing your elf coat, even though I don't think I commented when you first posted it! I really want to see Penny Dreadful. I have a girl crush on Eva Green!

    1. Eva Green is one of the most perfect people ever! :)

  3. your hair looks so nice!
    ive been veggie since i was nine. there are challenges but eventually you honestly kind of forget what it's like to NOT be vegetarian. i don't know if it's something you plan to stick to for a long time or if you're just doing it short term but either way good luck!

  4. Wow! Fun week! and a Fairy Jacket! Will love to see it! Your hair looks lovely. xoxoDebi

  5. I think your skin looks brilliant, could it be the vegetarian diet? Oh, Im glad that you found Hanna Fury, she plays lovely music.

    1. Aww thanks! I think I need to cut out all the junk as well to make my skin really good though!

  6. I really enjoyed Penny Dreadful as a series but was a little underwhelmed by the final episode, think they could have done with another or 3 episodes to really flesh it out.

    I adore Hannah Fury and have been waiting rather impatiently for her to bring some new music out.

    I think that hair colour really suits you. :-)

    1. Yeah more episodes would have been good, it felt a little rushed at the end. But then again I feel that about a lot of series/ episodes of series. Episode pacing is one of my pet peeves :P

  7. Your new hair colour is perfect!

    You have been busy :D

  8. Oh, you had a busy week! Lovely hair color! ^^ I was at home with my boyfriend - he was on holiday, so we had time nothing. I mean, it was way too hot to plan a trip or anything, so we just stayed at home and played videogames almost all week...o.O Now I'm catching up with the posts is missed...;)

    1. ah, doing nothing together can be so good! My boyfriend and I love to watch TV series and movies together, when we can find a good one we both like!

  9. Your hair looks great! Hope your leg is better ;o) Enjoy your elf coat ;o)

  10. What a great post. I love Thorn Jack, Penny Dreadful, and so many of the other things. Holly Black's work is very very good. I wish I had more time for TV. I need some TV. Laughing.