Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Spring- Short Video

Video from ABC3 (our local kid's channel). The Vimeo video is just entitled ABC3 Alex- Spring. I love how it shows so many things I love: picnics, flowers in hair, dreamy dresses, stripy socks, trees, secluded beautiful spots in nature. The girls' facial expressions are maybe a bit exaggerated but it's still lovely and evokes that mood of a lovely Spring day in nature.


  1. I couldn't watch the video, but it does sound lovely <3

  2. Yay..such fun..sweet and enchanting...thanks for sharing it..it put a smile on my face!!

  3. Love this! All the colors! Reminds me of our Mad Tea Parties!

  4. Cute video! Oh you have spring soon :)
    Ha ha my partner yelled yesterday: "God, I hate this heat, I long for cold dark winter, yes, I love winter". I will remind him in a few months what he said.

    1. Oh, I say that all the time, Australian summers are disgustingly hot and sweaty, just awful for those of us whose genes are mostly those of sunless Northern climes. At least in Winter I can layer up, and wear my lovely elf coat!

  5. Such a beautiful, magical video ;o)