Thursday, 9 January 2014

Crafternoon and More on the Mock Up

On Wednesday 8th January, I had some friends over for my first ever Crafternoon. It was a fairly small group, which was good because my house is small! I will have to work out a way to fit a few more people if any others can make it next time!

We worked on a range of different projects, ate food, drank tea and iced tea. It was a great day!

I got a bit more done on my mockup, I had help with the skirt, which was unpatterned. I am still not sure if I am happy with it and have to work on it more.

On the 9th I worked on the mock up more, trying to fit the bodice properly- a surprisingly long task, adapted the armholes a bit bigger, as they were a bit on the tight side, and tried different sleeves with the bodice. Although the sleeves back then were usually rather leg of muttony (apart form the lovely white blouse Molly wears under the jumper dress in Wives and Daughters, off which this pattern is based) I decided that, on me, narrower sleeves were much more flattering. I also looked at all the pictures on Sense and Sensibility Patterns, including ones that others had made from the pattern, to determine how big I wanted the waistband, how high I wanted the skirt to start and how full the skirt should be. As I said, I am still unsure about the skirt. With narrower sleeves and possibly a longer bodice, I am aware that I am taking this more out of The Romantic Era and more into the Victorian Era.

I still haven't got the skirt right and I had several dreams last night about remaking it again and again.


  1. Your "Crafternoon" sounds like a lot of fun! I can totally relate to the dreams. If I'm really busy or absorbed with something, I end up dreaming about it repetitively... not exactly a restful night's sleep. ;)

  2. Sounds like it was fun, that is a good idea. And I hope your sewing project goes well. It sounds like fun, if a bit tricky.

  3. This sounds great! And I love your name for it, "Crafternoon"! Our goth meetup group was supposed to meet tomorrow for a crocheting/knitting project, but the other host and I both got sick, so we've postponed it until February. If you don't mind, can I borrow your "Crafternoon" name for it?? :-)

    Good luck with your outfit! I'm a reasonably experienced sewer, but working without a pattern or severely changing a pattern is something I haven't had the nerve to do yet. I salute you!!

    1. Of course you may! I actually first heard it from my friend Fiona, though, so the coining of the word may not really be attributed to me.

      Thank you for the luck, I may need it! I think I have finally started to work out some of the problems!